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2016 brings new Cyberthreats

2016 brings new Cyberthreats.


As smartphones and tablets gained explosive growth, cybercriminals were busy at work and security experts around the globe warn there is more to come this year.

Smart devices are the new must have items and are the target for fraud. Android devices are the biggest target for hackers because the majority of smartphones are Android based. It’s likely that products running iOS – meaning Apple products – will also fall victim.

Hackers go where the action is, and they’ll increasingly find ways to attack us through our phones and social media. There are Facebook and Twitter apps for the Android, Apple, and Kindle platforms which hackers use to get personal information, and install rogue programs to wreak havoc on your devices.

While the new year and beyond could bring cyberthreats closer to the average person, you can minimize your exposure by installing an antivirus program for your Android and keeping it updated. Also, resist the temptation to open every email and text that comes your way. Back up your devices and install new updates to programs and the Operating System itself when they become available.

For more information on how to harden your security on smart devices as well as computers and networks, please consult a systems engineer at Vero Beach Computer Repair.

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